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No sooner do you announce your engagement, and your close friends and relatives will be wondering and even waiting to get your call. You see, they will expect that, they, being your favorite friends, buddies, cousins, sister or brother, will be chosen to be in the wedding party. They may even expect to hold one […]

One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is choosing your wedding colors! This next step in the Wedding Planning Series is both fun and important since this choice will be a big part of the other choices you make as you navigate the landscape of venues, decorations, dresses, tuxes, invitations, etc. There […]

Like any other event in your life, you need to decide how large your wedding is going to be and what you’ll spend to pull it off. Do you go all out and spend money on a grand reception with a live band, an expensive plated dinner for guests and gift favors for everyone. Or […]

If you’re planning a wedding of epic proportions, or even if it will be smaller and less involved, starting a binder is a good way to keep track of everything. Below is a list of all the sections you could make that will put the binder to good use as you plan your big day. […]

I have to admit, when I decided to write this series on planning your wedding, I thought I could just pick and choose from a list, hitting the more interesting stuff first or be random about it. I’ve done a couple of posts on the topic now, and I realize it would be best if […]

In this next post in my wedding planning series, I’m going to talk a bit about your wedding ceremony. Whether or not you get to choose the parts and elements of your wedding ceremony has mostly to do with whether or not you’re a member of an organized religion or church that has a doctrinal […]